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They were great
I just have to say that the people over at Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service are just great. They really provide a great experience for their customers as well as get excellent results. The technician that came out to my home was very friendly and professional and he did a tremendous job. My carpets look fantastic and I really could not be happier. I liked that the carpets dried faster than other services that I have used before. They were great and I would definitely use them again. Nicole Miles on Sep 02, 2016

They did an amazing job!
Holy cow the people over at Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service do some incredible work! I had them come by to clean my home and they were like magicians with how thorough and clean they made my house. The crew showed up right on time and I actually had something additional that I wanted them to do and they were more than willing to accommodate my request. They got to work and did not stop working until they were finished with the job which really impressed me. When they finished they asked me to look over their work to make sure everything was up to my satisfaction which blew me away. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough and if you are looking for someone to clean your house, look no further. These guys are the ones you want! Haley M on Aug 23, 2016

They are great
What I like about the people over at Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service is that they make sure someone always shows up at the scheduled time. The first time that I used their service the lady was right on time, but the second time she was a little late so the owner showed up and worked until she made it in which I thought was great. Each time they cleaned everything that I asked for them to clean and they did a really great job. They always make sure that I am completely satisfied and I definitely appreciate that. Their rates are very reasonable and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who asked. Divya Sharma on Aug 16, 2016

She did a terrific job
I have to say that the lady who came out to my home from Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service did a absolutely terrific job. She was on time and very professional as she went about her work. There is nothing negative I could possibly say about this whole experience. I will definitely use these guys again in the future! Kay Alexander on Aug 03, 2016

Very Accommodating and Easy to Work With
The company Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service INC. was referred to me. The service they provided me with was for a move out. The most positive part of my experience in interacting with the company was their ability to accommodate me in regards of scheduling for I was going to be out of town and they we're still able to do the task; so they're definitely easy to work with. I would recommend using Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service INC. Sarah Firth on Jul 25, 2016

They were very professional and did a great job!
I needed my house deep cleaned before I moved out and found Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service online, they had very good reviews so I decided to give them a try. They did a deep clean on the entire home and the crew was professional and efficient. I thought they did a really nice job of making my home presentable and it was a good experience. I thought they made the hardwood floors look brand new and the kitchen looked amazing. I would Dirt Doctors to people in the area and my landlord was happy with how the house looked before I moved out. Richard P on Jul 14, 2016

Did a really good job
I recently had the people over at Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service come do some cleaning for me and they really did an excellent job. I called them a few days before I needed the cleaning done and they were really good about scheduling me in quickly which I appreciated. The cleaner that came out was very respectful and professional and he listened to what I wanted him to do. I would definitely recommend them and would not hesitate to use their services again. Connie Walker on Jun 29, 2016

Easy to set up and no problems communicating with them.
I used Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service INC last year and maybe this year too, but I don't think I can comment on everything because I didn't see what they did directly. I had it done and someone else was in the apartment, I wasn't there. That being said, everything was easy to set up and I didn't have any problems communicating with them or ran into any issues. Everything that I was exposed to, I was satisfied with. Ben Wasserman on Jun 27, 2016

Very good, I was quite happy.
The cleaner did a very good job, was courteous, followed my directions well. Connie Walker on Jun 27, 2016

Very good service.
Current service is very good and thorough. Jonathon Dutton on Jun 20, 2016

Awesome People - Awesome Service
I did an online search and Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service INC. kept popping up so I clicked on their website and read their reviews and decided to give them a call. They did a move out clean from top to bottom. Once the mover received an extra hand to help with this process the service was successful and precised - it seemed like the mover that started out by himself was slightly overwhelmed until he received help. Prices are really good. They also went above and beyond by calling me to see how I was doing once I got out of the hospital; it wasn't like a situation where they come and do the service take your money and that's it - unlike other companies Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service INC. demonstrates interest and concern for their customers. I had an excellent experience. Gina Powell on Jun 14, 2016

Great job!!!
The cleaners do a great job. I love not having to cancel if my regular cleaner is unavailable - they just have another cleaner come by who does equally great work. Very good with my dogs. Janine Kushner on May 31, 2016

Couldn't be happier with the job they did
Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service did a great job that was perfect. They were very thorough and we are very pleased overall. They cleaned the whole house, and what impressed us most was their thoroughness. It was also very easy to make an appointment with them, and their cleaner was on time. We will definitely use Dirt Doctors again. Mark Van Hook on May 31, 2016

Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service INC did a great job. This was my first time using them. They cleaned the whole house and were available on very short notice. The cleaner was professional and friendly and they were very thorough. I would definitely use them again. Rebecca Gibson on May 04, 2016

Elizabeth was wonderful. She was so friendly and did an incredible job cleaning our apartment. It looks fantastic and we couldn't be happier! Laura Roberts on Mar 29, 2016

Best house cleaning I ever had.
Brian was thorough, kind, and efficient. I will request his services in the future. Virginia Mc Lean on Feb 25, 2016

Dirt Doctors clean better than I ever did
I had Dirt Doctors perform a deep cleaning of my house a few months ago and was pleased with the results. Now I'm having them come by every two weeks to keep it in tip top shape! Jameson Lopp on Jan 12, 2016

Erica was great. Very particular to detail
Excellent cleaning service. I have recommended to family and friends. Virginia Mc Lean on Dec 22, 2015

Exceptional attention to detail! I was so pleased and can't wait to have the Dirt Doctors team back in my home!
Elizabeth did an EXCEPTIONAL job deep cleaning my home! I was so happy with the service. After traveling to care for my mom several times over the last 5 months, my place needed some tender loving care. Elizabeth provided that, down to the finest detail. She was even able to remove a built in stain on one of my bathroom floors that no other cleaner had been able to remove. I will definitely be using Dirt Doctors for my regular maintenance and quarterly deep cleanings. Dawnelle Hyland on Dec 14, 2015

Great job!
Elizabeth played close attention to cleaning details for our home. Virginia Mc Lean on Sep 28, 2015

Gabby is great
Gabby is my regular cleaner and she's fantastic - my cat loves her. Erika is great to work with as well Brian Hourigan on Aug 31, 2015

Good but expensive.
Setting up the service with Dirt Doctors was great. It is hard to say about the quality because i had them clean the house before closing on the buyer's demand. It was kind of expensive, the house was empty and they just had to do the floors and the appliances were all brand new and it was over $200. Miriam Springer on Aug 03, 2015

Great, greater and one of the best.
Ericka, was the total professional she stated she would be there at a certain time. She arrived with a pleasant attitude and with a mind to complete her assigned task. The lady that assisted her was also very pleasant and a hard worker. I highly recommend this company to anyone that needs a cleaning service that puts a smile on you're face. Kevin Langley on Jul 28, 2015

Prompt and reliable. Overall a good experience.
Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service INC showed up on time, were professional, and did a thorough job. I'd hire them again. Matthew Medlin on Jul 27, 2015

Great value, great work
Dirt Doctors did a wonderful job cleaning our condo as we were moving out. They were thorough, professional, and courteous. I would definitely recommend them. Christine Walsh on Jul 10, 2015

Fantastic, thorough cleaning
Gabby N is a wizard! I could not be more pleased with the thorough, detailed cleaning she did in my apartment. The house is so immaculate that I don't want to use a dish or mess it up in any way! Dirt Doctors does a great job communicating. I've been a happy customer of this local business for a few years. Highly recommend. Olisa Corcoran on Jul 02, 2015

Gabby was great. would like her back in one month.
Gabby listened to my requests. Worked hard to complete job well. Virginia Mc Lean on Jun 25, 2015

Excellent service
A crew from Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service Inc. came to my apartment on very short notice. They were able to complete everything the way I asked and even did some extra things I did not expect. I was charged exactly the amount they quoted me when I first contacted the company. Claire Alvis on Jun 24, 2015

Move-in Cleaning
Brian assisted me with general move-in cleaning tasks, and he completed his tasks in an expeditious manner. He is also very personable which made the work much more pleasant than it otherwise might have been. I will request his services again; as needed. Annette Hein on Jun 16, 2015

Lacking in quality.
We only used Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service once, and after they left we found that one of the bathrooms had not been fully cleaned and there was still a lot of dirt lefton the floors, they weren't very well cleaned in general. We probably wouldn't use them again. The price was affordable for the amount and time that they spent, the quality was lacking. Matthew Sheehan on Jun 15, 2015

I did not have the best experience with Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service. They were nice people, but the work wasn't of great quality. The best thing that came out of my experience with them was a recommendation for another company that I could use. Overall they did a poor job. Tonya Payne on Jun 09, 2015

Great Job
Latoya came and did a wonderful move out clean. She was prompt and completed her work quickly. As cheesy as this will sound – my only true disappointment is not using these folks earlier to do some spring cleaning :-) D M on May 29, 2015

Great work!
Brian was friendly and courteous. I haven't found a bit of dirt yet! Ryan French on May 19, 2015

A reliable company with friendly people who work hard.
Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service is a reliable company with friendly people who work hard. I've had them come to my house twice now for a full deep clean. There was an issue with something that didn't get done properly, but when I contacted them about it they were very nice about coming back and didn't charge me extra. They did a good job, and I'd recommend them to others. Will Alley on May 13, 2015

The Cleaner was very hard working and did a great job for us.
I will be using this service again. Our assigned cleaner did a very thorough job. Michael Swanson on May 07, 2015

Great value and great service!
Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service Inc. were able to accommodate the cleaning in a quick period of time. Both times, on short notice, they came in and were thorough, prompt and professional. Everything turned out perfectly! Che R on Apr 29, 2015

Professional and courteous
Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service Inc. were able to come when I needed them, and on short notice. They were very professional and courteous. I was getting my house ready to sell, and they were able to clean my floors, bathroom, and basically my whole house at a reasonable price. I am very confident I will call them again. My house looked very good after they were finished. Amy R on Apr 20, 2015

Very good overall.
Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service is great! They did a really good job. This was my first time using them, and I was very pleased with their work. I would highly recommend them. Ross Palmer on Apr 09, 2015

Great start

Very Customer Friendly.
I had a great experience with Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service. Erika helped me set the appointment for my father, and she was very friendly. It was easy to set the appointment, and they were available for a time slot that worked with us. They ran about an hour or so late, but Erika communicated with me throughout the process to let me know the new arrival time. They cleaned my father's kitchen and bathroom. I would recommend their service. Johnson Akinleye on Feb 02, 2015

Good job
I've burned through 3 different cleaners in the past 2 months since my independant cleaner could no longer sustain her business. I'm glad I found Dirt Drs and Erika, shes very responsive and her employees are thorough. Brian Green on Jan 29, 2015

Very good service
After my initial cleaning, my home was thoroughly clean. I look forward to the next cleaning. Judy Cook on Jan 22, 2015

What I needed when I needed it!
I called Dirt Doctors for a deep clean, but they did not have time to do it. All they had time for was a maintenance clean. So they squeezed me in, and it was not really their fault. They were accommodating me into a busy schedule, and so in that regard they went above and beyond. I appreciated it because it was a first time, and it was a short turn around. I had gotten surgery and it was the holidays, so they did me a huge favor since I was not prepared to make arrangements to have my house cleaned. So their service was excellent in working me in. Unfortunately, the house was less clean, but it was not their fault because they did not have time. Lynn Williams, Virginia on Dec 23, 2014

Great attention to detail!
Dirt Doctors did a move-in clean for us. I really appreciated Erica and her attention to detail. If there is something you want specifically, she makes sure it's done. She even stayed after and walked through and recommended how we should clean different things throughout house! Virginia Mclean on Dec 16, 2014

Outstanding service
I called Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service INC the day before, and they were able to come the next day, which I thought was very accommodating. They were very professional and polite, and they completed everything I asked them to do. I was overall very satisfied with the service. They cleaned the apartment so well that it almost looked like a different apartment when they were done. They did such a good job. They even folded laundry. Caroline R on Dec 08, 2014

Efficient, pleasant, knowledgeable.
I have only had Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service once so far, but they have been really good. They cleaned a small office for me, and they seemed very thorough and pleasant. They're definitely professional and great with timeliness and getting their work done efficiently. Karen Kumin on Dec 01, 2014

Really Good Experience.
This was the first time I used Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service. The lady that helped me was very friendly and trustworthy. She cleaned my place while I was at work. I had no issues with her service. Overall, I had a really good experience. Annie Low, Ying on Oct 01, 2014

Good communicators, responsive, and consistent
Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service perform a routine cleaning every Tuesday and they show up generally on time when in instances where they don't give prior notice. It's been good overall and they generally perform the work as spelled out initially. Generally, no news is good news and most of the time, the feedback is positive. They're also always responsive to questions and calls. Lei Fei on Sep 29, 2014

A really good cleaning service
My family recently switched to Dirt Doctors from another cleaning service and we are very happy with the level of service and attention to detail (in other words ensuring that our house is actually clean) that we have been getting from Dirt Doctors. Our previous cleaning service was a national chain and they did not nearly do as professional job as what we are getting from Dirt Doctors. Would absolutely recommend to friends and neighbors. Heather Groves on Aug 22, 2014

Awesome job. Ben Burchfiel on Aug 18, 2014

Decent service for the money
I recently used Dirt Doctors when my lease expired. Almost everything was out of the house so I wanted them to clean everything thoroughly so I could get my full security deposit back. They moved quickly and did a decent job. However, when they told me they were finish I went through the house to inspect their job and found that they hadn't moved the three boxes that were on the one carpet when they were vacuuming (just vacuumed around them), hadn't cleaned the fans and hadn't moved one thing that was left in the kitchen either. I had even asked them to get me from outside to help them move the boxes if they needed the help as I was just doing some yard work. All in all, they cleaned the stove and refrigerator well but I wasn't blown away by the quality of their cleaning by any means. The service was much cheaper than they quoted though. Josh Hendrickson on Aug 08, 2014

Awesome job! Ben Burchfiel on Aug 06, 2014

Best In The Triangle
Best cleaning company i have every hired. Was able to leave my home while they cleaned and when they were finished i walked into a home that looked and smelled brand new. Highly recommended Marcus Leggett on Aug 05, 2014

Nice job, no problems. Very professional! Ben Burchfiel on Jul 09, 2014

Good quality work
I've had Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service for a few months now and I would absolutely recommend them. Their prices are very competitive and most importantly, they leave my home spotless. I have the same person come and she always goes above and beyond by cleaning up little unexpected things. She also completely understands all of the directions I leave her and is very friendly. I'm completely satisfied with the service. Lisa Carl on Jun 25, 2014

Very dependable!
I have the same person every time. She is thorough and dependable. Alexis Booth on Jun 22, 2014

Great Deep Clean
We had a deep cleaning done and holy cow what a difference! They did an amazingly through and careful job, I haven't breethed so well in ages. Ben Burchfiel on Jun 18, 2014

Professional, good quality.
Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service has been just perfect. Their service is professional, they're friendly, and they're comfortable to work with. The work is very good and always of good quality as well. They do a thorough job. They've been cleaning my rugs for the past two years for me, and they've just been really good. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Meemie Tha on Jun 11, 2014

great service!
I have used Dirt Doctors for biweekly house cleaning for the past year and continue to be impressed with their professionalism and customer service. We have 2 large dogs that shed, and miraculously the dog hair is gone after Jennifer has cleaned. She has done a great job with our home, and I look forward to continuing to work with Dirt Doctors in the future. Kristen Pyrc on Jun 02, 2014

They get the job done!
I used Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service INC for the first time, and they did an excellent job. I would recommend them and use them again! Miriam Springer on May 29, 2014

Happy to be a patient of Dirt Doctors!
We used Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service INC for the first time, and I was very pleased with them! They arrived on time when they said they would. They were very efficient and effective, moving around quickly. I was in the house the majority of the time they were doing the work, and they were very considerate of my movement in the house. They were very communicative. They consulted with me, and they asked me what else needed to be done. They even did extra work, doing things I didn't ask them to do. My wife was very pleased when she came home. She had smile on her face! I would highly recommend them. You won't be disappointed! Ronnie Northam on May 20, 2014

Overall the service was really good, I would use them again and recommend them to others.
We received the deep cleaning service and walked into our home and could tell the place had undergone major cleaning. The hardwood floors and carpet areas were cleaned very well. The kitchen was cleaned well and the time that it took to do the house was reasonable. They dusted our entire house which was really needed and even took out the trash. Erika Finch on May 20, 2014

Thank you for taking care of our home!
Jennifer H. does a wonderful job in our home. We never have to wonder about anything she may have left undone. When we arrive home after Jennifer's visit, it smells and looks very clean. We hope to have her as our permanent person! Thank you Dirt Doctors for taking care of our home and sending Jennifer H. to us! Lesia Irving on Apr 28, 2014

Will not use again.
Unfortunately, all that I am willing to say about Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service INC. is that I probably will not use their service again. Hayden Tompkins on Apr 22, 2014

Consistant service for 2+ years
We've had Dirt Doctors cleaning our house 2x/month for over 2 years now and they do consistently quality work. I've never had to worry about no-show appointments or had to raise a concern with management multiple times. On the few occasions where I have had issues, they've been corrected immediately. Definitely would recommend that you give Dirt Doctors a call! Tj Karr on Apr 21, 2014

efficient, friendly, dependable
Always happy to see Dirt Doctors. They always do a through job, go out of their way to be sure I am pleased. In addition, they are friendly and a pleasure to have here. Cleaning day is happy day! Deb Warner on Apr 18, 2014

All of our cleanings the last 3 months or so have been spectacular. Eric Vreeland on Apr 17, 2014

Awesome, Top-Quality, Trustworthy, Friendly
Fantastic group of professional maid services. They were extremely friendly, trustworthy, and experienced. They cleaned so much stuff in such a short time, and they were still smiling afterwards. Love them! Ashley Garrison on Apr 16, 2014

Toni came to our home to help with a move out clean and wow, she was amazing!! She was so professional and kind when she arrived and always did everything with a smile on her face. Her attention to detail was excellent and she really helped to make sure the house looked sparkling clean since it is on the market. Thank you SO MUCH Dirt Doctors. If I need cleaning services in the future, they'll be the first ones I use. Molly Stillman on Apr 15, 2014

Excellent job each week
Jennifer does a fantastic job each week when she does a very thorough cleaning of our home. Her attention to detail is much appreciated and anytime she may have missed something small Erika is quick to remedy the situation. I highly recommend Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service to anyone who needs routine cleaning or a deep clean of their home. Lauren Frye on Apr 14, 2014

Efficient and good but overpriced
Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service Inc. was very efficient and the cleaning was good. I was satisfied with it. However the service was overpriced. Andrew H on Apr 14, 2014

Trustworthy, friendly, quality service!
I thought Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service INC was extremely professional. They were really nice and extremely accommodating. There were places that they cleaned that I had no idea were dirty, and everyone who's been to my house says, "Your place looks great!" I got a quick turnaround when I contacted them. I emailed them, and they called within about thirty minutes. I talked with them for a long time about my experience with cleaning services in the past and what I was interested in having done. At that point the gal was able to steer me in a good direction for what the best service would be for me, which was really helpful since I was up in the air about what I wanted. I felt like she did a truly good job of assessing my situation. I felt like she was genuinely concerned about what I wanted and needed service-wise, which was fantastic. Three gals came out to do the cleaning. My mom and I were so impressed that they knew what to do right away. They got started as soon as they arrived. We were worried that we might have to provide some guidance or ask questions, but they knew what they were doing. It wasn't a big deal, and they were obviously very experienced, which made me very confident using them. Ashley Garrison on Apr 07, 2014

Great quality, friendly service and very helpful.
We are so grateful for Lupe and Dirt Doctors. We didn't expect to be the kind of folks who have a regular house cleaner come in. But Dirt Doctors' reasonable rates and excellent service makes my life so much easier. Well worth the little bit of money. Thank you. Adam Laucher on Apr 04, 2014

Very good service
I am happy with the service I received Daniel Wooten on Apr 02, 2014

Very respectful
I'm glad that I hired them to clean for me. Daniel Wooten on Mar 25, 2014

Great service!
Lupe is always very thorough with her cleanings. Great service every time:) Penny Reddy on Mar 25, 2014

friendly, dependable, thorough, efficient
As always, very happy to have Dirt Doctors crew in my home. They went out of their way to do the best job possible. They are friendly, put my pets at ease and even tightened my toilet seat and I have a clean home. Deb Warner on Mar 21, 2014

Would definitely recommend them!
I used Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service INC for the first time, and I thought they did a pretty good job. They were on time, and they did what we asked. There were some places, given they were doing a deep clean, that could have been better. They didn't pull up the furniture in some places, but they were willing to go over spots when I pointed them out. They were very helpful and good when there was an issue, and I would definitely recommend them! Kevin Wells on Mar 13, 2014

Service was 5 stars.
Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service did a construction clean for us. We did some repairs and they came in and cleaned up the drywall dust and any other mess that we made. They were very flexible and really good at communication. They did a great job and called me a couple of times to let me know they were finished. . Chrtistin D on Mar 12, 2014

Great office cleaning company!
Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service INC. is our office cleaning company. They come biweekly and clean for us. We recently expanded our office and they have been very accommodating. They have adjusted their schedule to accommodate any meetings we have. I appreciate how they taylor their services to fit our needs. The office is always sparkling clean after their visits. Kramden Institute on Mar 11, 2014

Great job
I am very pleased with the results. Erica and Mal were so pleasant and were even sweet to my dog. Kelly Mullins on Mar 07, 2014

Dependable and Consistent
They always show up when they say they will and Lupita works hard the whole time she is here. Great, reliable service! Amy Thomas on Feb 27, 2014

Attentive and responsive!
We started with Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service INC when they did a deep cleaning for us about a year ago. They started doing monthly cleaning for us, and then we increased to bi-monthly cleanings. We can be really messy people, and they keep the house organized for us. They make the beds, and they change the linens if you leave new sheets out. They do a good job vacuuming and mopping. They won't usually put things away, so they don't go in your closets or drawers. But if there are clothes on the floor, they will fold them for you. They are attentive and responsive to requests, concerns and questions. They're flexible and really good at adjusting the schedule. When the vacuum stopped working on one of their visits, they came back out to revacuum, which was wonderful. I can speak with Eric at any time regarding the service, and they are really good about leaving notes if something unexpected happens. I've referred them to several friends and a neighbor. I actually just referred them to someone yesterday. They provide good service. We're so messy and busy that sometimes I feel like we need someone living-in to clean up after us. But our bad habits need to be corrected. They really do a great job! Carena Lemons on Feb 26, 2014

The Cleaners were very respectful to me.
I am happy that I was able to use them. Daniel Wooten on Feb 25, 2014

can't recommend highly enough
I have used Dirt Doctors for almost a year now and have been very pleased with their service and professionalism. I cannot tell you how nice it is to come home to a clean house after a long day. I can also recommend their deep cleaning services which literally had my house sparkling. Kristen P. on Feb 19, 2014

great job
Everyone did a fantastic job on my house. The workers were very professional and friendly. My house has never looked better. I will recommend this service to all of my friends. Genevieve Romeo on Feb 17, 2014

Excellent Service, Couldn't Be More Accomodating
This is our second year of using Dirt Doctor cleaning service and I couldn't be happier. Erica (the owner) is wonderful at responding promptly and so flexible when needed. She knows her cleaning crew well and is consistent with the cleaners she sends out.... A company I would highly recommend to anyone. Erica is a sweet heart.... I truly enjoy working with her and continue to do so.. Rachel Duffy on Feb 12, 2014

Dirt Doctors is a Terrific Cleaning Company and will highly recommend!!!!
Dirt Doctors Cleaning Company was able to come and do an emergency clean of a house that is being remodeled. They made arrangements for 4 people to be there with very little notice. They did a great job with a very large about of construction and concrete dust to make the home liveable for the family. They could not have been more cooperative and helpful. If you need something cleaned call Erica and her crew!!! Elaine Towner on Feb 06, 2014

Great service, friendly people.
Dirt Doctors came in and kind of saved our butts. We had a large event that we were planning in our space and realized with a couple of days to go that we needed a deep clean. They came in quick and professionally and did an AMAZING job cleaning. On top of that, they were super friendly and just nice to have around. I'd happily recommend them. Erik Myers on Feb 06, 2014

Professional, responsive, very, very clean
I hired Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service for a move out deep cleaning from my apartment. They did so a thorough job that I've hired them for my new place. The cleaning itself was outstanding. I'm a bit of a clean freak but I work long hours and don't always have time to take care of all of the details. The Dirt Doctors crew cleans the way I like to do it myself. Floors and counter tops are pristine. The bathrooms and kitchens are immaculate. And they are very responsive and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend them. Olisa Corcoran on Feb 03, 2014

Dirt Doctors has been cleaning my condo for several months now, and I could not be any happier with the service. They are always on time, do a wonderful job, and are willing to reschedule at the last minute around my somewhat hectic schedule. I love coming home at night after my condo has been cleaned because I know everything will look perfect. Dirt Doctors has gone the extra mile on each and every cleaning; there's nothing I would want for them to change. I highly recommend giving them a try! Stephanie K on Jan 21, 2014

Pretty good!
I had a great experience with Dirt Doctors. They were very accommodating when I had to reschedule and were very personable. They went above and beyond with fulfilling with my expectations. They even finished my packing for me when it wasn't something that I had initially requested. I've used them another time since. Their attention to detail is wonderful and I'm very pleased with the service I've gotten so far. I'd recommend them. Miriam Springer on Jan 15, 2014

Not great
Dirt Doctors was okay. We used their service three times and the people have been very nice. They always do a decent job but I feel like I could have cleaned the house myself after seeing the results. They weren't as thorough as I'd like since I paid them a decent amount. They smell a lot like cigarettes and it really bothered me because the smell lingers. I told them about my new baby and they didn't do much to accommodate that, especially with the cigarette smell. The last time that we used them, the person who came was over an hour late. I initially e-mailed Dirt Doctors about how we could reschedule since nobody showed up on time and they just let me know that someone was actually on the way. No apology or explanation from either of them. Overall, the work they do is fine and they save me time but don't do any better than I do. They haven't been on time and bring unnecessary odors into my home. I'm sort of disappointed with the amount of money we spent on them since I was hoping to have a really sparkling house. Crystal Weber on Jan 06, 2014

Really nice job
Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service provided a deep clean service for us one to two times a year and did a really nice job of it. Kelly Muir on Jan 03, 2014

- 12/11/2013
"They did an excellent job. I had pets and it was a move out service and the apartment looked like it was never lived in when they were done. I would definitely recommend them to anyone." - Charlotte C (Durham NC)

- 12/2/2013

Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service services client homes Monday - Saturday between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:30 pm. If calling to schedule a cleaning where you are redeeming a gift certificate or coupon, please be advised that you may have to schedule your cleaning several weeks in advance.

Due to our flexible and ever changing schedule, it is difficult to commit to exact arrival times. With that being said, we cannot guarantee the exact time that we will arrive to clean your home. All clients are asked to choose whether they would prefer an AM (Before 12) or PM (After 12) appointment. Even if you normally have an afternoon cleaning, there may be times that we need to clean your home in the AM instead. If you need a more approximate arrival time, please call (919) 323-6882 after 9:00 am on the day of your appointment.

- 09/2013

Yes, our cleaners come prepared with all supplies for the cleaning of your home or office. However, for sanitary reasons, we do ask the clients to provide their own broom and toilet bowl brushes.

Yes, our cleaners are able to utilize products which are Green Sealed, Environmentally Safe, or Traditional. You may specify your preference when booking your appointment.

"The best decision I ever made! Erika (the cleaning lady) is so knowledgeable about her cleaning. She totally turned my house around. It is so clean!! I will always use this service. No one is better than Dirt Doctors!" - R.A (Raleigh NC)

"With a full time job and care for an elderly parent, Erika is my hero. She cleans my house the way I want it cleaned with a smile. She is thorough, consistent and takes great pride in a job well done. She is a great asset to my household and I would and have recommended her to anyone. Oh... and we also love Mary too." - Jeanne (Durham NC)

Depending on the job, Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service will send out 1, 2 ,or 3 people to clean your home. Maintenance cleanings usually only require 1 cleaner.

For your protection, Dirt Doctors Cleaning Service and all cleaners carry general liability insurance in the case of an accident. Please keep in mind that accidents do happen. In the case of an accident, the cleaners are instructed to leave the client a note and the client will be contacted by our office on the next business day. A report will be written and the item will be replaced, the client will be compensated, or a claim will be filed.

"I was extremely impressed with Dirt Doctors. I called Erika on a Friday evening about a last minute cleaning job that I needed done asap and she did not hesitate to accommodate me for a Monday morning appointment. This was a move out job at an older home which had not been cleaned properly in a very long time and they did an amazing job. Erika even cleaned one of the showers three times in order to make it look better, and she made the old kitchen cabinets look wonderful. The Dirt Doctors were very thorough, pleasant, professional and efficient. I would use them again and highly recommend their services!" - Candace (Durham)

"Dirt Doctors did an excellent job. We had a couple areas that needed some serious work, and Erika was able to clean them up with ease. She is very knowledgeable and was very easy to get in contact with. I would strongly recommend this service to anyone that needs their home cleaned." - Andrew (Durham)

"Erica was prompt and professional and the apartment was very clean! She also let me know about specific cleaning products we should be using for my niece who is undergoing a bone marrow transplant at Duke so we are here short term." - Emily (Durham)

"I am well pleased with Dirt Doctors Cleaning Services. Not only are they good at cleaning they are Pleasant, Well Organized and on Time! I am thankful to have their services in my life." - Kaciea (Durham)

Yes, and as a matter of fact, we have a guarantee!


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Hours of Operation

Cleaning Times:
Monday - Saturday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Week of Thanksgiving & Christmas - 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Office Closed & No Cleaning:
Closed: January 1st, January 2nd,
Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day,
Thanksgiving Day & Day After
Christmas Day & Day After

Office Hours:
9:00 am to 12:00 noon Monday - Saturday
We strive to return all calls/emails within 24 Hours!

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  • * Same Cleaner (s) (or atleast one familiar face)
  • * Friendly, Experienced, and Trustworthy Staff    Members
  • * Appointment Reminders
  • * Flexible Scheduling
  • * A Company That Encourages Client Feedback
  • * Extended Holiday Hours and much much more    .......

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